Maddilyn Goodwin – Flute and Piccolo

“I address a wide scope of performance practices and techniques to encourage a well-rounded and confident musician, with an emphasis on building and maintaining a healthy mind and body between all the notes. I believe in a flexible, adaptable teaching philosophy, tuning in to the needs of my students as individual artists.”

As a classically trained flutist and piccoloist, Maddilyn explores the application of tried-and-tested performance methods, yoga, jazz, and performance psychology strategies in her teaching and own performance.
After studying in three capital cities in Australia, Maddilyn moved to Belgium where she freelanced, advanced her music research, enjoyed exploring the musical culture outside of Australia and broadened her perspective on life as an artist.
Most significantly, Antwerp provided the opportunity to study the piccolo on an intensive level. She graduated in 2017 with a Master in flute and a Master in piccolo with high distinctions.
Maddilyn continues to develop herself as a specialised piccolo performer and educator, being particularly passionate about providing piccolo tuition to flute players in Australia.
Maddilyn teaches beginners to advanced flutists. She aims to set up students for injury-free futures, implementing postural awareness and development techniques in her class. Piccolo lessons are appropriate for high school or conservatory students who play flute regularly and wish to improve their fundamentals on the instrument.
Video introduction to Maddilyn


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