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Dear Students, Parents and Supporters,

Thank you for visiting!

Our Pozible campaign has ended. However, you can still donate to our cause here via paypal:

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A little about Browning Street

It’s always been clear to me that at Browning Street Studios, we do things a little differently. We are an organisation founded on principles of livelihood, autonomy and professional development for local musicians, and in June this year, we became the first Worker-Owned Cooperative (as far as we can tell) in the history of Australia’s music industry.

Our teachers are no good at blowing their own trumpets, or banging their drum (okay no more musical puns, promise!) – but we’re now one of the largest independent enterprises in West End. We’re run by musicians, for musicians, and importantly – we own and control our own livelihoods which ultimately benefits our students and the broader community.

You may not know that Browning Street Studios:

  • Is home to more than 25 music- and dance-industry professionals running their own micro-enterprises;
  • Is visited by more than 300 students weekly;
  • Has hosted or produced more than 250 events in its five-year history (all of which are all-ages events);
  • has seen over 500 bands play or rehearse at our facilities;
  • Has provided start-up support for a number of small businesses and community events within West End;
  • Currently controls assets and facilities across three buildings; and
  • Offers studio spaces on an at-cost (i.e. not-for-profit) basis to local creatives.

Even better, our transition to a cooperative structure means that our founding vision is protected in perpetuity for future generations of musicians, students, and for our local community in 4101.

Help Us Make History!

For our first five years, Browning Street has been run as a community enterprise with a sole proprietor (that’s me). I knew from the beginning that a truly musician-owned enterprise was going to take time to build, and – while the transition is almost complete – we’re not quite there yet!

In June 2013 we created the new cooperative entity, and have now built systems and processes in anticipation of the Cooperative taking over the whole enterprise at the beginning of 2014. But to achieve this, we run into costs outside of our normal operating expenses. Basically, the Cooperative need to buy the assets of the business and take over the leasehold interests in our buildings and facilities. This comes at a cost of around $1,650 per teacher, costs predominantly in the form of security bonds on our commercial leases.

While our business is founded on principles of a living wage for local musicians, few of us are in the position to make such a financial investment in the Cooperative. Which is why we’re asking you to help us make history.

We’re not asking for straight-out gifts of money per se, but we are asking our students and supporters to consider investing in some lessons “up front” for 2014, or particularly, introducing friends or family to Browning Street Studios. The full range of pledges, and their rewards, are listed on our pozible page.

Watch our campaign video to find out more about Cooperatives, about our founding vision, and importantly – how to pledge and what your rewards may be!

Suggested pledges vary from $100 (2 hours of lessons at a discounted rate, in the form of a gift voucher for friends or family) to $1,650 (a year’s tuition with a nominated teacher).

Importantly, we’re hoping to reach our target by New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2013). So please have a look at the pozible page, watch the video, ask your teacher for more information, and tell your friends about what we’re trying to achieve!

Thank you for your ongoing support of what we do. We couldn’t do any of it without you!


Sarah Gall

Director, Browning Street Studios

Chairperson, West End Music and Dance Teachers’ Cooperative Ltd

17 Browning Street +61 7 3217 2266

South Brisbane Q 4101

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