Terms of Reference – Board Members

West End Music and Dance Teachers’ Cooperative Ltd



Provide strategic oversight to drive the Cooperative towards the goals outlined in the primary activity statement.


The WEMDTC Board’s work will be conducted in the pursuit of the Cooperative primary activity statement, namely:

  • Provision of professional, quality studio spaces to members, on an at-cost basis, for the undertaking of their professional practice;
  • Promotion, support and resourcing of services provided by members;
  • Facilitation of a collegial community to assist members to build, grow and enrich their own professional practice;
  • Strategic accumulation of spaces, equipment, assets, tools of trade and other resources for the benefit of members and the broader community.

Operating procedures 

Meeting specifics 

  • Meetings will be scheduled quarterly (or as determined by the newly-elected Board).
  • Quorum – is equal to half the total number of Board directors, with a majority of Coop member directors.
  • Minutes – will be circulated to the Board within 7 days following the meeting.
  • Apologies – will be provided at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting date to all Board members.

Standing items for discussion 

  • Goal setting (next quarter, next 6 months, next 12 months, including fundraising)
  • Financials update
  • Strategic links with other local community organisations, companies, etc
  • Promotions and brand exposure for Browning Street Studios
  • There will also be an annual planning day, at a date, time and venue to be arranged as required.

Membership and Board roles 

The following roles are appointed annually through a Board member majority vote:

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Board membership is governed by the Cooperative constitution.

Out of session activity 

  • Treasurer and teachers continue to meet frequently
  • Treasurer to provide monthly financial updates to Board members (simple dot points highlighting important issues which have arisen)
  • Chair to provide monthly update on issues affecting the strategic direction to be decided by the Board. Room utilisation and membership updates to be provided quarterly.
  • Board members commit to checking Browning Street Studio emails regularly
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